Testimonials – Adam Cornett

“I’ve worked with Adam Cornett over the last few years in having him help me with my tango festivals (Portland ValenTango and McCloud BurningTango) and found him to be extremely friendly, helpful and organized.  I can always count on him to get the job done right–whether it’s teaching, hosting and/or DJing.  He is very well liked by the students and was rated as two of the top instructors at my recent BurningTango festival.  He’s a great teacher and dancer and I highly recommend him. ”  – Clay Nelson, Ashland, OR (ValenTango Organizer for over 18 years)

“Adam has solid foundations in both the subtleties of a close, small dance, as well as the breadth of vocabulary in a more flexible embrace. He is also musical, comfortable, and clear in his lead and passionate about teaching.” – Alex Krebs, Portland, OR

“They worked on good basic techinique rather than trying to teach a sequence. To me, this the most useful type of workshop because I actually remember something a few days later.” – Rich Groebner, San Diego, CA

“Their teaching was excellent and they did try to get to everyone.” Mike Edinburgh, UK

“Addressing subtleties of a clear but virtually invisible lead, these guys are fun and add depth to the dance.” – T.S. “Zak” Brown Reno, NV

Gorgeous and inspirational at the highest level!” – Sandi  Arcata, CA